Monday, June 5, 2006

Sen. Hutchinson's Rep. Admits She Isn't a Biblical Literalist

From AmericaBlog:
Tsk, tsk, tsk. I just got the following email from an AMERICAblog reader who just called Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison's office - she's a Republican Senator from Texas who is divorced.
John, I live in Dallas and just got off the phone with Kay Bailey Hutchison's staff. The person who took my question said that even though the Bible might say that a woman who is divorced and then remarries is an adulterer, no Christian really believes that. So, the Bible is really just a quaint notion, sorta like the Geneva Conventions. I will swear under oath that KBH rep said that. When I asked about why this marriage amendment is even being considered amidst the other enormous crises we're dealing with, she said she agreed with me. So, KBH is divorced but doesn't believe what the Bible says about it.
If you live in Texas, please, I beg you, contact the good senator and ask her if she also thinks that the Bible shouldn't be taken literally when it comes to evolution and creationism.

Wedge issues are a bitch when they blow up in your face...

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