Friday, June 9, 2006

I Have Been Assimilated Into the Collective

I don't want to jinx, but supposedly, Friday, at noon, I will officially join ScienceBlogs (although the site might be active now?).

My new website/url will be:

In case you're in the large-type reading group, that's:

So please update your links. And in case you missed it, the link is here.

Why am I moving? Several reasons:
  1. Blogger sucks. 'Nuff said.
  2. I write so people read me. I'm hoping my traffic will increase.
  3. Blogger sucks.
  4. I like having a bunch of other science bloggers read my stuff. One of the odd functions I seem to fill is that I read a lot of political blogs, and I seem to be a (small) link between science bloggers and political bloggers. I think being at ScienceBlogs will further this.
  5. Blogger sucks.
Nonetheless, I'm a little nervous. I hope people still read me, even if I'm at a 'science' place. I also hope I don't get swallowed up by all of the good bloggers over there. And I have to figure out how that Movable Type thingee works.

It's odd--I feel a little sad about leaving the old digs....

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