Tuesday, May 30, 2006

driftglass Does It Again

We have to get driftglass a major newspaper column (seriously, if Peggy "I speak with dead people" Noonan can have a syndicated column, why can't someone who is sane have one too?). On the surveillance state:
This is nothing more or less than that government doing electronically what it never even dared to think about doing with stamps and envelopes and stationery: slitting open and rifling through the mail of every single American.


This alone should be sending every Constitutionalist screaming into the streets, but this plus warrentless wiretapping plus national identity cards, plus tracking every phone call made by every American, plus all the rest are nothing less than the glittering of freshly fashioned Fascist chains the GOP has carefully forged for us all.

If you’re down with that, by all means step up and loudly support Abu G and the rest of these criminals, but please quit pretending that you love this country.

Because you despise this country.

You want a nice, tidy, high-tech police state that keeps good, White Christians warm and snuggly and fuck everyone and everything else. And however despicable the means are to those ends – invading countries based on lies, debasing the Constitution, torture, murder – you are completely cool with them.

But part of the wink-and-a-nod deal you cut is that you absolutely do not want to know what horrors are being committed in your name. You are the Spineless Christian Master Race who categorically refuse to take any responsibility for the disasters your vote has unleashed. Who wants to heap the Declaration of Independence onto the pyre and then make the “anger” of those who are trying to stop you the only issue under discussion.
Read the whole thing.

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