Thursday, June 1, 2006

Because Sen. Frist Really Cares About Patients

Republican Senator Bill Frist, whose medical training apparently includes the ability to make long distance neurological diagnoses of brain-dead patients, is one of the major owners of the HCA hospital chain (along with other members of his family). By way of DailyKos, we find out what the Frist-owned HCA is up to:
"HCA tries to shut us up when we talk about the dangerous situations on the hospital floor. This month, they have demonstrated that they will do anything to stop this information from getting out," said Russel Main, a Respiratory Therapist at Riverside Medial Center. "I work with people who are having difficulty breathing. I can't help them because we are so short staffed, so I have to choose which patient is getting the least amount of air. I have to tell patients who can't breathe that I will get to them as soon as I can. This is information that the public needs to know."
Maybe if these patients had feeding tubes inserted into their stomachs, Frist would give a damn. But really, he is very concerned with the whole sanctity of life thing...

At this point, nothing Republican political operatives do surprises me.

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